Chrysalis Coaching LLC


Regardless of whether you are an individual or part of a group, part of ensuring you get the results you are looking for, I spend time up front learning about and understanding your needs. Once we have gained clarity on the problems you are trying to solve and what you are trying to create in your life, I will provide recommendations on what services or programs will have the best fit for your situation.


Having someone in your corner, providing structure and support during the transformation process is a tremendous resource. As a life coach, my job is to make sure that you have the tools and resources you need to create lasting changes in your life. Towards that end, I offer a number of programs that are focused on changing the results in your life. Depending on what is right for you and your needs, the programs, duration, and tools will vary. However, as part of every package, you will have scheduled coaching sessions with me that last 30-60 minutes.

Groups & Organizations

When multiple people are working together, their dynamics can sometimes create needs that are different from an individual's. Depending on your requirements, I provide services that either develop a group with a set program curriculum, or work with leaders to improve team effectiveness and performance. With the latter service, I serve as a more traditional HR consultant, and work most closely with the leader.

With my background in Human Resources, I can help address a variety of organizational needs - from the local to the global level. In particular, I have strength in the areas of:

  • Vision Building & Strategic Planning
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Gender Diversity & Women's Empowerment
  • Change Management
  • New Leader Integration
  • Team Performance & Effectiveness
  • Leadership Development
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Performance Management
  • Organizational Development & Effectiveness
  • Corporate Culture & Employee Engagement
  • Talent Strategy & Management

Each of the following programs can be customized to a group's specific needs. Chris also speaks on Dream Building, organizational alignment and excellence, developing corporate vision and mission statements, and Diversity & Inclusion.